Various Creations To Share

I’ve been making quite a few things lately so figured I would put them all in one blog post as kinda a gallery of sorts so you can see what I’ve been up to, you can click on any of the pictures to view them bigger if you wish to. If you have any questions on any of them just leave me a comment on this post and I will reply with answers if I can help.

I’m going to split them into several blog posts as I don’t want them to be too picture heavy and slow down peoples viewing.

A painted 12×12 journal page I did, I love working with this size at the moment:



Another 12×12 page:




2 postcards created from scraps of paper I had:




A frame kit that I’ve had for a while now, I finally put it together and decorated it:



12×12 painted collage, I like playing with paper layers and paints:





Mixed Media Door Hanger

Lately I’m doing a lot of creating at my art desk and loving it! So I figured it was time I made a couple of blog posts to show you what I’ve been up to before I forget!

I’ve had these blank mdf door hangers forever which I had safely stashed away and saved for ‘one day’, to be honest I’d forgotten all about them. Last week  I went looking through my stuff for inspiration and came across them and decided that the one day had finally at long last arrived!

I decided to give the door hanger the old mixed media texture treatment, so to begin with I painted the whole thing in black gesso and let it dry. Once it was dried I used glue to glue on textured papers and random bits of metal findings, washers, buttons, bows, charms, sequins, tile spacers – anything I could find actually. It took a couple of days to dry properly, once it was finally dry I stippled over the whole lot with black gesso and left it to air dry.

Next was the fun part; using metallic acrylic paints and interference paints applied by my fingertips I gently rubbed on the metal colours on all the raised bits; you can use the rub & buff waxes and treasure gold for this too but I don’t have any because I’ve been told they smell and I can’t handle strong smells so I used metallic acrylic paints instead.

Anyway here is what the completed door hanger looks like:


Close up of the texture:


This is a canvas I’m now working on, it hasn’t been rubbed with the metal paints yet so its a before shot:


Dylusional Christmas Tree Ornaments

I bought some cheap papier-mache blanks from The Range for 50p each when I was last in there with the intention of tarting up and making them look grungy. Yesterday I finally finished making them and quite like how they turned out, infact I might get some more to play with.

To begin with I painted them with white gesso because they were originally craft brown colour and I wanted to cover them with printed tissue, once the gesso was dry I glued over printed tissue paper with words and musical scores and let them dry.

At this point I wasn’t sure what to do next so left them to sit for a few days, yesterday it just so happened I had some extra metallic paint I needed to use up because I’d squeezed too much out of the tube, so I used my fingers to apply paint to the ornaments along the edge, ridges and folds.

I used a heat gun to force dry the paint and then using my Dylusions spray inks I blasted the ornaments with a generous coat of ink, I like how the metallic paint resists the ink and gives it a neat effect, below are some pictures of the fronts and backs – very bright and cheerful! Cheap and easy to do as well, would be perfect for the kids to do too!

oct21ornaments1 oct21ornaments2 oct21ornaments3 oct21ornaments4


Handmade Stencils

I recently discovered on Pinterest an idea for making your own stencils using a glue gun, they made it sound so easy so I just had to try it.

I used a sheet of nonstick baking parchment to glue out a simple spiders web design and once it was cooled I put it to the test.

Here are my pictures of my test; I think it works and it was surprisingly easy! I’m going to make more! Ok so I could probably buy stencils as there are so many out there to choose from but I like the idea of mine being unique plus cheap! Win, win!




My Scruffy Writing Phobia

For the longest time I’ve hated my handwriting.

Actually that’s a lie because I remember there was a time when I loved to write, I would write little notes and stories on scrap pieces of paper and add little doodles, and then at some point in my childhood when I was at school I started to get told off a lot in class for having untidy messy handwriting and was forced to write in print only;  I wasn’t allowed to write in ‘grown up joined up writing’ any more and from that point onwards I started to develop a phobia about how my writing looked.

To make matters worse the teachers would always made me use a blunt pencil, while everyone else in the class were all using ‘grown up’ pens; everyone except me that it, and I hated it.

I hated that awful scratchy dragging feeling my pencil would make as I wrote on the cheap school exercise book paper, I hated having to take care over each letter and I hated how my writing looked because I was constantly told it was untidy, unreadable and looked a mess by the teachers and so my hand writing phobia developed.

Since, I’ve more or less avoided using my hand writing in most of my adult life and also in my art work too, in the past, whenever I’ve had to write something by hand I would always remember all the reprimands and nagging voices over my messy writing echoing in the back of my mind, these thoughts would paralyse me and make me over analyse each letter and word as I wrote it; is it spelt right? Is it too messy? Can you read it? It got to the point where that to me it would almost be like I was looking at an alien language.

Then one day, I cant recall exactly when, something inside of me snapped; it’s MY writing, it belongs to ME, nobody else, who cares what people think of it, all that matters is what *I* think of it.

I was just sick and tired of the feeling that fear about my writing, I decided to stop listening to the doubts, I decided to silence the inner critics.

Since I’ve started to enjoy using a pen again and doing lettering arts, its no longer a stress or chore and I’m writing more and more these days.

This makes me happy.

Anyway here are a couple of pieces I did recently, I was just playing with the letters and words and not really thinking too much about them.


I call these two pieces below my ‘mindalas, a lettering twist on the arty usual mandalas, instead of doodling patterns I used words and colours, I wanted to set my intentions and goals for what I direction I wanted my artwork to take so I did these as kind of a twist on the meditative mandalas to achieve this.