Enjoy Life Calendar Board

I apologise for not posting sooner, I promise I haven’t dissapeared again,  I am happy to report that I have been busy making a right old mess with the paints and inks :)

On new years day I decided to make a collage from a sheet of 12×12 board which came with our new 2014 calendars, its seemed a shame to throw it out as it was a nice piece of card so I decided to re-purpose it.

To begin with I covered the whole thing with white gesso, then I added random scraps of torn papers all over the card till I was happy with how it looked, at this point it looked like this:


Next I covered the whole thing in gesso:




Then I covered it with random colours of green and yellow acrylic paints and built up the layers:





Finally I added a distressed edge all the way around the board using a sponge and a brown dye inkpad, I also added the quote you see taken from a sheet of scrapbook paper and added a few bits of bling to finish it off:






Out With The Old Pocket & Tag Planner Art

For 2014 Im going to take part in the documented life project (http://www.robenmarie.com/blog/2013/12/14/the-documented-life-project.html)

For this challenge you need a planner (although you could use a journal or any book you have) and each week there are going to be new themes and challenges released.

To help me get back into the swing of creating again I decided to give it a whirl, and up until today I hadn’t done anything with my planner because the challenge doesn’t officially start till January 1st!

Below is my planner all ready for the new year :)


I removed the piece of paper that was on the front of the planner and decided to use it to make a pocket for my book:


First of all I glued random papers all over it and let the glue dry:


Then  I decided to make a background for a tag on a sheet of card using the same method as above:


I glued my tag to the back of the paper, then cut round the shape of the tag so that I would get a random background on my tag:



Next I folded 2 tabs on the back of the pocket so that I could use them to glue the pocket to the book:


Then I trimmed off the front to make it look tidier:


I decided it needed more colour so I sprayed them both with ink:


I used my heat gun to dry the ink, once they were dry I added the finishing touches and then glued the pocket inside the planner with the tag inserted, which you can see below:





A Simple Tag To Share

Apologies for not posting yesterday, the constant hot weather had me feeling a little out of sorts and feeling sickly so I had a couch day watching movies.

Today I have a simple tag to share with you, this is created using the shabby chic tissue paper backgrounds which I did a tutorial for on my other blog.

The poppies where done with acrylic paints through a stencil by That Special Touch, these are called Mica Masks; I love how thick the plastic is on these stencils.

I added a fake sewn border using a rubber stamp from a Tim Holtz set and used a black Posca paint pen to outline the poppies and give them a centre. The quote is from a sheet of printable quotes which I cut out and outlined.

Pretty simple and straightforward but sometimes less can be moreish!


Trish Bee


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