Shattered By Olga Bicos

shattered.jpgIm currently reading this book. Its a bit of a slow starter. Im hoping it will pick up, Im about 50 pages into the story now.

Update 1: Now 70 pages into the story and its picking up! Im intrigued as to what they have planned for Holly!

Update 2: Im now approx halfway through the book. The story has bitten now and I have o know what is going to happen with Holly and what Daniel has planned for her and Ryan. I was forced to put this book down last night as I was falling asleep and couldnt keep my eyes open any longer!

Update 3 – I finally finished this book before Christmas. After a slow start I got into the storyline, then the story seemed to fizzle out halfway through and I lost interest again. I finally forced myself to finish the book and was glad to finally get it out of the way. The ending was a bit of a dissapointment.

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