Read It Swap It

Ive just joined Read It Swap It, its a free site which allows you to swap your books after you have read them. Ive been getting back into reading this year and decided to give this site a go and see what it was like. My first swap was a success! I swapped The Spooks Curse for ‘Gone for Good by Harlan Coben’ – I recently read Tell No One by the same author and really enjoyed it so I thought Id try another one of his books. Cant wait to finish the book Im reading now so I can start on this one.


2 thoughts on “Read It Swap It

  1. Another site you might want to check out is List Books, a site that allows you to buy and sell second-hand books without paying the high commission that Amazon and eBay charge, which means cheaper prices.

    Good luck with the Pratchett books, my personal favs are the Guards series (Sam Vimes is a hero for all), but also take a look at Going Postal and The Truth.

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