Terry Practchett

I watched part 2 of Hogfather last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so funny. I loved the character of Death, it was so funny.

Ive decided having enjoyed it so much that I must read some of Terry’s books! Adrienne a riend of mine who has read his books has given me a list of books to read so that I can read them in series order (I like reading in series order)

Heres the list of books I want to get my mitts on:

The colour of magic
The light fantastic
Equal rites
Wyrd sisters
Moving pictures
Reaper man
Witches abroad
Small gods
Lords & ladies
Men at arms
Soul music
Interesting times
Feet of Clay
The last continent
Carpe Jugulum
The fifth elephant
The truth
Thief of time
Nighgt watch
Monstrious regiment
Going Postal


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