Storm Damage

Thursday the wind was bad. We had severe weather warning and gales. It was hard to walk in it! Then yesterday morning when we took our JRT out for her country walk we were totally shocked by all the storm damage. Trees had been ripped from their limbs and came crashing down on the paths and totally blocked them. We had to climb over several trees, go under others and sometimes even go around them or find another route as the way was so impassable! Its scary to think that the wind can do so much damage. And I shudder to think what could have happened if we had been out walking in that wind, we couldve been crushed! It was a lovely morning, the sun was out, kinda like the calm after the storm – literally in this case. And I saw an alarming sight – daffodils where starting to grow! Its only JANUARY! And they are not supposed to grow till March!! The seasons are all screwy, its scary what global warming is doing!


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