BBC 2 – Daphne

daphne.jpgI watched the fantastic BBC drama last night about the secret loves of Daphne Du Maurier. I was transfixed by the storyline, to be honest I didnt even know who she was and Ive never read any of her books but that didnt spoil my enjoyment of this superb movie length drama.

It was nice to see Janet McTeer back in another good role, she is underated as an actress, Ive liked her ever since I first saw her in Portrait Of A Marriage and later on in The Governer. Superbly cast as always!

Great leading role from Geraldine Somerville who is also known for her parts in Cracker as Fitz’s side kick, it was good to see her in a more demanding role as the girl with the boys heart.

In all a brilliant drama, one which I will want to watch again when its repeated so Id better check the listings on BBC Drama and BBC3 &4!

While doing a search I came across a website for Daphne which Im posting here should I want to read her books in future:

Original Press Release Details:

BBC – Daphne
New drama celebrating the centenary of Daphne du Maurier’s birth stars (L-R) Geraldine Somerville, Janet McTeer and Elizabeth McGovern.

In celebration of the centenary of Daphne du Maurier’s birth, a new drama starring Geraldine Somerville, Elizabeth McGovern and Janet McTeer brings the secret love life of this renowned writer to BBC Two.

Based on personal letters and biographies, the film charts the story of Daphne’s unrequited passion for the beautiful and glamorous American heiress, Ellen Doubleday, and how the play she wrote about this forbidden desire led her to a life-changing love affair with the irreverent, fun-loving actress Gertrude Lawrence.

Daphne called herself “a boy in a box” and this revealing drama shows how Daphne’s incendiary love life informed the writing of her compelling stories.

Directed by Clare Beavan and written by Amy Jenkins (creator of This Life), this period drama being shown on the eve of du Maurier’s centenary reveals the untold story of this fascinating writer’s life.

Says Amy: “Daphne du Maurier was not what you would expect. She was irreverent, reclusive, funny and tortured during this period of her life.

I always want to write about strong, interesting women and Daphne’s story is both tragic and illuminating. You’ll never read Rebecca in the same way again.”

Geraldine Somerville plays Daphne, Elizabeth McGovern plays Ellen and Janet McTeer plays Gertrude.


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