Plodding Along…

Today the weather was glorious again and we got carried away and did another 4 hour walk – so much for not doing another long one this week! Still the exercise does us good and it does mean we can eat chocolate without putting on weight – its all good! Tired but happy cos choccy refreshes the parts other things cannot reach.

Started moving some of the furniture around in the living room to make room for the fridge and the freezer and microwaves for the kitchen refurbishment. I think I know where they are going now and fingers crossed they should fit – gonna be a tight squeeze but it has to be done. I just hope we dont switch them off by mistake and accidently defrost them with then being in a new place!

Butchers trolly is now safely in the living room and we’ll use that as a dedicated worktop while we are without one for the next month. It all starts next week June 1st and I really am not looking forward to it! Its going to be a HUGE upheaval and mess! Urgh!

Expect lots of moans on here!


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