Kitchen Is Gutted

They finally showed up and made a start on the dreaded job. Why is it that workmen always make the most noise they possibly can? There is nothing left of the kitchen now – all the cupboards and surfaces are gone. Its empty. Theres an eery echo in the room as its so hollow. The walls are in a state as they ripped off some of the plaster when they removed the cupboards. And lucky us they have left it like that for the weekend! On Monday the plumber is coming and Tuesday the electrician who is going to chisel out the walls to do a rewiring job – a month of mess no doubt I am not looking forward to it. They start every day at 8am which means we have to get up at the crack of dawn to take the jrt out for walkies – yawn! It was a gorgeous day today which made things worse, as we where coming back home at 7.45am the sun was beginning to shine gloriously and we knew we had to go back inside 😦


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