Auntie Maud Page

Ive been taking a notebook to bed with me so I can write notes and ideas down for my journal. Last night I wrote a short story about my childhood about a family member called Auntie Maud. I decided to use this story in my sketchbook today, I havent decorated the page for this as I didnt want anything to distract away from the story about my Auntie Maud. Heres the page I just did:


For those of you who are wondering who my Auntie Maud was, she was infact my grandad! He used to get dressed up in my Nans clothes and wig and pretend to be Auntie Maud!


One thought on “Auntie Maud Page

  1. oh ha I had this figured out almost right away. I think this story touched me more than your actual page about your grandfather. How wonderful that he did this to amuse you and not just on one occasion. You inspire me to journal down the odd little family stories so they are not lost.

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