The Year I Was Born Page

I was born in 1968, for this page I had to think up of one event or moment that happened during the year of 1968. At first I was going to do something about flower power and the summer of love, then I thought maybe do something about the birth of Apple Records or possibly the making of the movies The Graduate or Space Oddessy 2001. But none of those felt right so I didnt know what to choose.

I went to google and googled for 1968 and after a lengthy search I discovered that it was also the year that Helen Keller died. I dont think this is really a morose or morbid topic to choose because Helen Keller has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. I remember when I first learnt about her at school and I was fascinated, being a young deaf child myself I saw a lot of similaries in her struggle and it was through Helens life story that I was able to overcome some of my own demons regarding being deaf.

So I think this page dedication is a very apt and special one for me, here it is:



One thought on “The Year I Was Born Page

  1. I think the page is wonderful and very fitting. I’ve always been inspired by Helen Keller as well. All of your pages are wonderful and I will be starting my own sketchbook very soon, because of your inspiration!

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