2 Good Movies

Ive just watched 2 good movies on dvd and really recommend them.

One is Notes On A Scandal starring Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett – a fantastic drama centred around an older school teacher and a new teacher. Its brilliantly acted and twisted at the same time full of lots of twists and turns. I loved this and it was great to see a movie by 2 strong actresses who didnt need any super action special effects to make a good movie – just raw acting skills and a superb script!

The other film I watched is Little Children, starring Kate Winslet in the main role, centred around a group of adults who meet with their kids in the playgrounds. Its a fantastic hard hitting adult drama which focuses on realism and good solid acting. Its great to see Kate in another good role again which calls for her to do some serious acting! First class!

If you have the opportunity to see either movie I really recommend them!


2 thoughts on “2 Good Movies

  1. Hello Trish, I am from – TheLatestTrendsinAlteredArt. Saw your intro and presently viewing your blog/site. Love the way you present your projects, especially ones in progress. It is the way you share the steps and your comments that I find amusing and enlighning. Now, to the movies. I saw both of these just a week ago. I agree with you totally about – Notes On A Scandal. KW was awesome in – Little Children – very raw acting, the movie perhaps a little raw for me.

    Catch you again here or at LTAA, Linda

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