Walk In Their Shoes Page

Here is another page taken from my Teesha swap stash, the original page designer is Kacy, this page was already decorated with a pair of high heel shoes so I decided to use that as my inspiration for the page theme.

I decided to draw on the quote ‘Never Judge A Person Until You Have Walked In Their Shoes’ – it just came to me while I was looking at the page and it felt right. Particually as its a sentiment I also happen to agree with 100% and always try to apply it on a daily basis.

I also added the words ‘walk on with hope in your heart’ along the top in slightly smaller lettering, another shoe/walking themed quote Ive always loved being a closet Liverpudlian at heart.

I added highlights to the dots which where already on the page by drawing around them, then decided to add even more dots (going blinking dotty at this point) I also added some hearts and coloured them in with a red pen.

Finally I felt the page was complete:


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