Path To Enlightenment Page

Ive just finished Maggis page for the altered board book round robin swap Im in! Maggies theme was ‘journeys’ – so this got me thinking….instead of going down the usual travel route I decided to go down the personal journey route because these are the most important journeys of them all!

I painted the page gold first, then I added some painted background pieces I did and a print out of a ruler. I then added the stamped image of the Buddha, and had a look through my stash of collage images and found the printed picture of another buddha and the smaller circular buddha too and stuck them on. Next I added the words ‘discover your inner peace’ using my letratag.

Then out came my pens 🙂 I did a doodled border around the entire page spread, then I added some little swirl trees around buddha and some dots. Next I wrote on the words breathe and life as they seemed to kinda just go with the theme somehow. I added some more words around the buddha image and finally some hearts and I was finished!

Here it is:



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