What Is Art Page

Im currently working on Ms Peas board book for an altered round robin swap:) The theme of Ms Peas book is ART – my FAVOURITE subject! I love themes like this πŸ™‚ Ive been given strong hints to do a bit of sketchbooking type journalling and doodles on this page so Id best do as I am told!

This is what the book looks like at this stage, I havent added any journalling or major doodling yet as I was waiting for the glue and paint to dry first! I will do that this weekend probably πŸ™‚

The background on the left hand side of the page is painted kitchen towel paper using purple and metallic paints. I added a piece of book paper to the right hand side of the book page and then went over with a light layer of gesso to mute down the text, then finally I added a wash of bright pink watercolour paint over the top.

The printed photograph in the page is of Frida Kahlo, a true inspiring artist! I added the words ‘but what is’ using my letratag. The 3 ART words are plain chipboard letters which I painted gold and stuck down. 3 stamped square faces where added.

I next used a black pen to dot round the righthand page and added white borders round the dots, next I outlined the join between the 2 backgrounds and added a dotted and lined border with my pen, then finally outlined all the words and pics on the page.

More scans as soon as Ive done the next step, heres what it looks like now:


Finished this page last night and added my journalling and doodling to it:



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