ART Quest Challenge

Here it is as promised the all brand spanking new ART QUEST CHALLENGE!

The idea behind this challenge is to create a book full of wonderful creative play!

Should you decide to embark upon this new journey with me, your completed ART Quest Challenge Book will be a cross between a sketchbook and an altered book all rolled into one! It will feature lots of themes, experiments, techniques, colours, altered arts & collage thrown in for good measure too!

Each challenge theme will represent a 2 page spread which will feature different techniques, mediums, experiments and styles! I will be announcing themes, techniques & mediums that you will have to use for each book spread one at a time and I really hope you will want to play along too!

Are you brave enough to go on an ART QUEST!?

Preparation For The ART Quest Challenge Book:

First of all your going to need to get hold of a new book for this challenge!

Theres 2 routes you can go down for this challenge – you can either buy a brand new sketchbook -OR- you can get hold of a second hand book and alter that instead….that choice is up to YOU!

The only restrictions Im going to impose for this challenge is that the book you use has gotta be approximately about the same size as your scanner bed when you open it up! This is so your book will fit on the scanner and we will be able to see it!

For this challenge you’ll be creating ‘spreads’ – these means you’ll be working on both the left and right hand sides of the page to make a double page piece of artwork.

General Guide For Buying A Blank Sketchbook:

Choose a hard back book if possible because this will protect your pages. You want one with thick good quality pages, watercolour pads work exceptionally well for this, if your pages are on the thin side you can glue 2-3 pages together to make them sturdier.

Guide For Choosing A Book To Alter:

The best place to pick up second hand books for altering are second hand shops, thrift stores, charity shops and even car boot sales. You can also pick up books from Library book sales too, or you might find one cheap at your local dollar/pound shop.

Pick a good sturdy quality hard backed book, check the spine – you want a book with a good strong spine and you want the pages to be sewn together if preferable.

The pages of your altered book will be too thin on their own to withstand paint etc, so you will need to glue the pages together. As a rule you can glue between 2-3 pages together depending on the thickness and quality of the book paper. In other words if the paper is thicker you only need to glue 2 pages together but thinner paper will require you glue 3 pages together.

Cheap pva glue works wonderfully for gluing your pages together, or you can use any clear drying gloopy glue. To prevent bubbles and buckling you can spread the glue evenly across the pages using an old credit card.

So thats all the details you need to get started on your ART QUEST!

Go and get your books and then report back for your first theme challenge!

3 thoughts on “ART Quest Challenge

  1. OMG – what am I getting myself into . . . . ROFL!
    Can’t wait to find a book and jump in Trish!
    Hugs – Pea

  2. Trish, I keep coming back and finding new inspiration here!! Now I think I’m gonna join in this challenge… I can’t believe I’m committing myself – LOL.

  3. Hello Trish, i would love to join in your altered book challenge or any others you have for that matter.
    Am i too late?

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