Life Is Too Much Page

 This is one of Autumns pages from the Teesha Swap that Ive used. I love this page with the cute lil dog with cucumbers on its eyes! It reminds me of my Harry after a long day out walking! I decided to use the quote ‘Life Is Too Much’ as my main theme and doodled and added words until I liked how it looked:



4 thoughts on “Life Is Too Much Page

  1. Thanks Trish for reminding me to change your url on my blogroll. I’m a big fan of Teesha Moore and I love all the Teesha style stuff you have done!!
    Could you tell me which white pen you use? It looks quite thin. I use Sakura’s white souffle pen which is great but it draws quite thick lines and I’d
    like something a bit thinner.

  2. The white pen I use is the Uniball Signo White Pen – its a gel ink pen which writes very smoothly and you can control how thick the lines are by applying less or more pressure. Its the only white pen Ive tried and tested which has constant ink flow and doesnt clog up and most importantly shows up on dark paper.

  3. Thanks Trish. I try and find the Uniball Signo white pen. Sakura’s souffle is very good and I like it for making dots but writing is a bit challenging.
    The ink flows a bit too well and all the little loops fill up.

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