3 Steps Texture AB Page

This is for my Art Quest Challenge, the challenge theme is to create a textured background onto an altered book page using only 3 items – something to make the texture, a binder to make the texture and the colour.

I went for the very easy and very obvious and very easy choice of tissue paper and pva glue mix to make my texture, only because tissue paper was the first thing to fall out of the drawer when I opened it and I was too lazy to delve further in the drawer as it would have meant having empty it!

I glued the tissue paper on with cheap white school glue, taking care to make sure the tissue was nice and crumpled and gave a texture. When it was dry I painted it with a few different shades of green acrylic paint and it looked kinda like an army green and didnt look snazzy enough for me. So I squirted on some orange acrylic paint over the top and brushed it over to see what it would look like and decided I could live with it so left it! Ive never used orange and green together before so its an unusual colour combo for me!

Heres the scan of my completed stage 1 below:


Stage 2 – Completed AB Texture Book Spread:

I spent most of last night completing my book spread for this challenge and really enjoyed it! Heres some scans of what it looks like now in its completed state, read along to the end if you want details on how I did it!

Completed AB Spread Folded:


Book Page With The Flap Lifted To Show Butterflies Underneath:


Completed AB Spread Opened Up To Reveal The Envelope Tag Windows:


Instructions On How I made My Page:

First of all I cut out printed images of the gypsy lady and the 3 butterflies and glued them on the pages. I then added the words ‘She is as free as a butterfly’ using my Dymo Letratag. I added dots and borders using black and gold pens.

But it didnt feel complete at this point.

I took 3 small brown cash envelopes and punched out a square hole in each of them using a square punch. I then randomly stamped both sides of all 3 envelopes with various leaf stamps in different colours (hey its Autumn Im allowed….)

I then slipped a small piece of acetate inside each envelope to make a glassy window.

Next I made a flap to go on the left hand side of the page using layers of different types of papers and I glued this underneath the page so you cant see the seam.

I then affixed the3 envelopes to the flap so that they fitted on the page and so that you could also see the butterfly wings through the acetate. Next I added eyelets to the envelope tags and threaded some black cord through the holes. I then added the words Flutter On By using my Letratag and used a black pen to draw a border round the windows.

Still didnt feel right, so I used 2 gold decorative border stickers to form a filigree butterfly and drew on a small body to finish it off. And then added 3 eyelets to the paper flap and finally added 2 copper brass corner edgers to the paper flap to finish.

I think its complete now!

Now Im ready for the next challenge!!


3 thoughts on “3 Steps Texture AB Page

  1. MAGNIFICENT!!! BRAVO BRAVO! I thought I was done until I saw your page – and now realize it needs MORE . . . . LOL! Last time I look at your stuff . . . hehehehe!
    Truly love it Trish – you did FANTASTIC!

  2. This is fabulous Trish! I followed your link from Sam’s blog and I’m so glad I did or I might have missed this! I used to absolutely love going to Liverpool when I was younger and as soon as I saw your photo of the Liver building, I could smell the air again!! I expect it has changed a lot since I was last there (about 1986!). Great blog! ;o)

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