Secrets Page

Another Autumn original! I love the imagery on this page and the words she used ‘She Keeps Secrets’. This got me thinking about secrets in general and how everyone has a secret of some sort, Im not necesarily talking about deep dark secrets, just secrets in general – whether it be a secret supply of chocolate or a secret place they like to go. I think secrets like this define who we are and are important and I think we should all have a little secret which noone else knows! Its good for our soul. This was the creative thinking around this page which you can see below:



2 thoughts on “Secrets Page

  1. *Claps* I love this page… beautiful blue background, fab doodles and what a fantastic image – she made me laugh out loud – I do hope you don’t mind!!

  2. I love all your Teesha pages! Thanks for sharing your creations and the thoughts & inspirations that went into them.

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