Random Words Dictionary – Art Quest Challenge #2

Heres the details of the second challenge for the Art Quest Challenge:

Random Words Dictionary Challenge

Time for another challenge – ok so we were supposed to be having em monthly but since when did I ever follow my own rules??? Never! Rules are meant to be bent and broken at every opportunity….

Im itching to get going on a new page so heres Challenge Number 2 🙂 And its another easy one!!

Random Words Dictionary Challenge:

Now is the time to grab hold of that dictionary I told you that you needed!!

For this challenge its very important that you dont cheat!! Believe me I’ll know if you do!

1. Take your dictionary, and without looking – no peeking, no cheating, no nothing!

I want you to flick through the pages of the dictionary totally randomly, no looking and no thinking – clear your mind….

Then suddenly STOP on one single page without looking, and tear that page out of the dictionary.

Now look at the page you’ve torn out and pick one word which is on the dictionary page – it can be from either sides of the page. Dont go for the typical obvious words like Dream or Voyage or Art or Giggle and so on – I want you to pick a word you wouldnt normally pick – something obscure if you like or challenging.

Whatever word you picked from your dictionary is now going to be the theme of your next Altered Book/Sketchbook Spread!

You will need to glue the dictionary page on your book so that the word you picked is visible – you can paint over the other words if you wish so that only that one word is highlighted or you can leave it blank – that part is up to you.

Now using your chosen word on your dictionary page as your inspiration decorate and create your book art using the word you picked as your main theme and inspiration.

Once youve finished – upload your creations and leave me a message in the comments section to tell me where youve uploaded it!

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