Christmas Is Coming!

Theres no use hiding or putting your heads in the sand Christmas IS coming!! Beware! It’ll be here before you know it!

I made a decision last year that I wasnt going to make another handmade Christmas card again – I dont see the point in it because you have to make so many of the ickle damn things so that you have enough. And not to mention that most non crafters dont appreciate the thought which goes into making handmade cards – infact they think your hard up and cant afford ‘proper’ ones!! Little do they know that one of my handmade cards costs more than their entire box of 1001 cards!

So to save myself time and energy I refuse to make them! I may do a couple of Christmas themed ATCs and give them out to likeminded art friends but apart from that everyone gets shop bought ones from me – unless Ive got some left over from my previous Christmas card making frenzy years ago!

This year Im signed up for a 12 days of Christmas swap on our swap group where you have to make 12 handmade gifts for each of the other 12 people in your swap group – well madam here has signed up twice 🙂 Which means I have to make 24 gifts in all – call me crackers if you like but Im looking forward to recieving 24 pieces of handmade art in return – I love handmade gifts!!

Anyway to make this long story even longer 🙂 The reason Im babbling about Christmas in this blog post is because I wanted to say that I’ll probably be adding the work in progress of the gifts Im making for the swap and scan in the step by steps too – so if your signed up for the swap swap as I am – blogger beware because you may get a sneak peek!

Im looking forward to experimenting and putting my energies into making actual gifts rather than driving myself crackers making 100’s of Christmas cards! Ive been hunting in the cave (aka the bedroom where I store the long lost treasures) and found some nice items which I can alter and decorate and make into pretty things for the swap 😀

I cant wait!! Can you tell!?


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