Christmas Gifts Experiments Part 1

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Im signed up for a Christmas swap which means I need to start thinking of ideas of things to make for the swap! Ive decided to experiment and play around first and see what I come up with then I can decide what Im going to duplicate for the swap!

Heres the first stages of my playing for my giftlings below:

Large Green Background –

No idea what Im going to do with this but Im going to use it somehow on one of my gifts – I painted a sheet of cardstock with yellow and green acrylic paints (current favourite colours) and let it dry, you can see it below:


Formica Tags –

I have applied black gesso to both sides of these to prime them ready for painting and collaging:


Safety Pin Beadlings –

I have a huuuge bag of black safety pins inmy jewellery box which I want to use somehow. I decided to thread each safety pin with various small beads to pretty-ify them up a little and make them into beadlings. Ive created about 30 of these so far – no idea what Im going to do with them but I thought they would make nice embellishments or something.


My next job is to break out the shrink plastic I found in my cave and see if I can make some beads.

Will update this post when Ive done more….

Update On Christmas Gift Art Preparation:

Ive added some more colour to the green background I did using colourwash sprays and I have also stamped across the background using a script stamp. On the formica tags Ive sponged a little gold paint over the black to jazz the up a bit. Heres the latest scans:




2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts Experiments Part 1

  1. It’s amazing how much fun prepping can be, isn’t it? My biggest problem is storing my prepped articles… do you ever run out of space?!! I particularly like the safety pins.

  2. Wow, I have been a member here for a while but never had time to jump in.  I was just wandering around this am and found this group in my list and decided to check it out.  I LOVE your green background and would love to learn how to do that.  At 76 I think I have forgotten all I thought I knew but am always delighted to learn again.  I have never worked with the gesso but have some to try if I knew how to start. Loved seeing all your different things.
    Thanks for sharing.

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