Shrink Plastic Beads

Im in the middle of making some Shrink Plastic Beads – these are the bare bones beads, I havent done anything special to them yet – thats to come; just thought Id scan them in so I could see a before and after shot 😀

To make these beads below, I got some pieces of shrink plastic and stamped them with background stamps using a black memories pad. When the ink was dry I cut the shrink plastic into long tapered triangles (kinda like those banner things you see).

For the small round type beads below I heated them with the heat tool then while they were still hot I wrapped them around a wood skewer and held in place till they set hard.


For these beads I punched a hole in them before heating with a single hole punch, then when they where shrunk with the heat tool I quickly twisted them with my fingers and held them in place:


More scans when Ive prettied these things up a bit.

Ok heres the next part! I added colour to my shrink plastic beads using Alcohol Inks, these are the Pinata brands which are my favourites because the colours are so BRIGHT!

Once I added the colour and the inks had dried proper I heated up some gold embossing powder and dipped and rolled the beads into the embossing melt so that the edges and bits here and there would pick up the metallic highlights.

Heres the scans of the finished products. Im trying to decide whether to use them on my Christmas gifts for the swap Im in OR whether to hand them over for a Bead swap Im in! Decisions!

These beads were coloured with Santa Fe Red:


Coloured with Blue Alcohol Inks (forget the name but its Pinata brand):


No colour added to these as I used Black Shrink Plastic:


Finally heres my twirly beads, coloured with various inks:


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