2008 Mini Calendar Tag Book

This is a work in progress blog entry. As Ive mentioned in an earlier post Im signed up for a 12 Days Of Christmas Swap on our Swap Group. We have to make 12 identical gifts, and to get ideas for what I can make for a gift Im making a couple of prototypes to see what I can come up with. This is my idea for making a mini calendar gift.

Ive taken 7 largish tags and am going to use these for the actual calendar pages. Each tag will have a different month on the front and back, the reason for 7 tags is because I want a front and back cover too. My vision is to bind them all together when they are finished so that they open up as a mini book.

Anyway Ive just finished adding colour and stamped images and backgrounds to the 14 sides of all 7 tags. Ive had a lotta fun playing with colour for this!! I used various inks, colour wash sprays and acrylic paints to make the backgrounds and Ive stamped them using different types of inks too – Ive used so many different brands that I cant recall them all!

Heres a few scans now of all of the 14 tag backgrounds Ive created, they need to have the calendar pages added to each now and some kind of decoration. I’ll update this post when Ive done the next stages:








Ive just finished assembling all 12 Tag Calendars for the swap Im in 🙂 Im happy to be done with group one as that means I can now make group 2’s gifts! Heres a scan of the finished booklet what it looks like now its assembled:


12 thoughts on “2008 Mini Calendar Tag Book

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  2. Trish, what a super idea with the tags for a calendar. I usually put a year’s supply on
    one tag to save space. This is a lovely gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are beautiful. Wish I were lucky enough tog et one. But since I am not, guess I will have to try and make some for my family for gifts. Keep creating Trish. Love your work!

  4. Trish, These are Absolutely Beautiful!!! I actually saved them in a “Trish” file on my computer so I could motivate myself to get to working on some backgrounds myself! Very VERY Nice!! Margaret

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