Circus & Clowns Tip In Page

This is for a swap which I am very late with! The deadline for posting is September 30th! Eeek! I better get my skates on! The theme for the swap is Clowns and Circuses so I decided to make a very VERY bright background for this tip in to celebrate the colourful colours of circuses and carnivals.

Heres my background, I created it with acrylic paints in bright pink, green, orange and yellows. Once the paint was dry I stencilled on some punchinella with black acrylic, next I stamped over with white acrylic with a large harlequin background foam stamp and also stencilled on some more punchinella using white paint. Finally I sprayed on some gold mica spray to give the background a bit of a snazzy feel. Heres the completed background below:


Ok Ive finally got round to scanning in the finished project! These went in the post yesterday but I made one extra for me to keep (Im a self confessed art piggy) Heres the scans of the finished tip in page showing both the front and the back of the page:






4 thoughts on “Circus & Clowns Tip In Page

  1. wow this is great, very bright and yes, very appropriate for Circus theme. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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