Today we went to Hobbycraft, Warrington branch, I had run out of acrylic paint and needed to get stocked up again. I normally buy it online and get it delivered but the postage these days costs more than the paint itself! Anyway seeing as we had to go to Warrington anyway to pick up our Tesco direct order we decided to pay a visit to Hobbycraft too. It was my first time there as Ive never been before, the local Warrington branch hasnt been open that long (about 12 months I think).

If you were at Hobbycraft today and saw 2 people with a Jack Russell Terrier dog then that was me πŸ™‚ I asked the shop assistant if it was ok to bring the dog in the store and she said as long as she was picked up then that was fine πŸ™‚ We had to take it in turns carrying her around the store as she is a heavy lump!!

Happy to report I am now stocked up with acrylic paint again – nice el cheapo Anitas brand too! Different shades of yellows, orange, terracotta, burgundy, purples, reds, fushias, greens and white! I was scraping the bottoms of my existing supplies of paints so Im happy to get some more. Also got a couple of papier mache blanks which Im going to decorate and some more foam alphabet stickers and cheap love word ones too, I am going to gesso over them and then paint them to do the faux chipboard technique.

Checked out the scrapbook and stamping supplies but nothing caught my eye – probably because the designs arent my style at all – I dont think Hobbycraft know about Stampers Anonymous!! But it was good to check out the paints and the artist supplies for future reference when Ive run out of gesso and mediums.

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