Christmas Key Ring Gifts

I made these keyrings on this blog post using the handmade green background I made on the following earlier blog entry.

I have a stash of blank keyrings which I thought would make ideal Christmas stocking fillers so I decided to use the background I made as my background for the keyrings. The artwork is a similar size to that of Inchies only in this case they are rectangle rather than square. These keyrings are double sided, ie there is a different picture on the front and back, once youve cut out all your bits they are pretty easy and quick to make. I did about 20-25 of these.

Heres a scan of a selection of the keyrings I made:


7 thoughts on “Christmas Key Ring Gifts

  1. Hello, just wanted to pop in and say how lovely your backgrounds and artwork is! I think the people you are swapping with at Christmas will be thrilled with what they get – and these key rings are a lovely idea. Lucky people!

  2. Keyring blanks where purchased a while ago from Ebay, I looked recently and they are still selling them. You can buy fridge magnet blanks too in acrylic plastic like the keyrings.

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