2008 Art Calendar

Im about to make another gift for some friends, I dont know what Im making yet but heres the background Ive made onto a sheet of chipboard – whatever it is! Ive made 10 of these in all as I plan on giving them out for gifts to online friends.


Ok heres what Ive done with it next! Ive added some colour mist sprays and stamped some harlequin backgrounds and punchinella in white:


I finally decided what this colourful background will be! An Art Calendar for 2008! I bought a batch of calendar pads for the 12 Days Of Christmas swap on our swap group and I have some left so I decided to make the 10 handpainted chip board pieces into Art Calendars.

To finish these calendars off I punched 2 holes at the top of each chipboard piece and inserted 2 eyelets then I add a strip of cord for hanging the calendar with.

I decided I didnt want to cover up the background too much because the background is the main star on these art boards! So I had to think on how to add the final bits without covering too much background up! I decided to stamp the word ART using my large making memories philidelphia font foam letter stamps with black acrylic and finally added the calendar pad to finish.

Heres a scan of one of the the completed art calendars:


4 thoughts on “2008 Art Calendar

  1. Gorgeous coloured background.
    A friend in blog land, Barbara Hurst, directed me to your site for your amazing techniques. I am thrilled to be able to see how its done & today have made a card using the two tone masking idea. Im half way through the 10 minute collage & am very eager to use my acrylic paints.
    Thank you so much for sharing all these. Us newbies need help & this is awesome.

  2. I belong to your NextGenerations and check out your blog alot! You are without
    a doubt….a genius! I am glad you have a blog and a Yahoo site, so I can learn
    from you! I love the backgrounds you make and so much of the items you call for,
    I have at home already…very cool!
    Just wanted to let you know…I LOVE you!…I LOVE you!…I LOVE you!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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