More Sketchbook Pages

Ive just finished off 3 Sketchbook Pages 🙂 Am I happy or what! I love doing these types of artwork because theres no rules and no pressure!

Heres the scans of my sketchbook pages along with notes and details:

Learn To Appreciate The Beauty Page:

This page was first painted bright red, I then added the cut out picture of the flower on the lower right hand side. I wanted to do some doodling on this page so I drew some random large flowers and leaves on the page and added colours with bright acrylics. To finish the page off I added the wording you can see and some dots and swirls.


The Key To Life Page:

Im not sure about this page or what it means! I started out with a big key picture on the page and just added doodles, lines and words till the page was full!


Learn To Break Some Rules:

Im a bit of a rebel and if someone tells me I cant do something or use a certain medium or product in my art with another one I always think….why the heck not! And I usually try it anyway to find out what it does…my working theory in life is that rules are made to be broken 🙂 I try to live by this motto a lot! This is the working theory around this page:



2 thoughts on “More Sketchbook Pages

  1. Loving these pages Trish. My favourite is the red one with the flowers – it is so vibrant. You’ve really got the hang of these sketchbook pages now.

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