Cold, Wet & Miserable

The weather has taken a turn for the workse these past few days up in the North of England. Its freezing cold and very wet! Lots of rain and dark clouds about here not to mention very strong winds. It makes me want to hibernate with the squirrels! The annoying thing is that this weather plays havoc with my joints and I cant move them properly, my hands and feet are particulary affected. Ive lost my ‘grip’ and find it impossible to hold anything like scissors or paint brushes as its too painful which means I havent been able to make any art projects 😦 Even typing on the keyboard is a challenge for me. On the plus side I have made all of my Christmas gifts and mailed them! Im glad I did them so early because I wouldnt be able to complete them now as the pain is too much. Im getting art withdrawels already! As the weather gets colder I find myself wanting to hibernate with a good book and a big bar of cadburys even more than ever!

3 thoughts on “Cold, Wet & Miserable

  1. Just to say I hope you manage to relieve your discomfort.
    I will miss your updates, lets hope we have a mild winter.

  2. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I too have joint problems. Right now I’m going through some other tough things and for a brief respite, chocolate chip cookies do help I’m hoping to get back to small art projects next week. Wishing us all a mild winter. I really enjoy your blog and art.

  3. Wishing for dryer weather for you soon, or at least some great new books for you to read. I’ve been missing your input and inspiration lately.

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