Alphabet Exemplar

I created this alphabet exemplar sketchbook page for the Square Art challenge on Next Generation Stampers.

To begin with I punched out 26 1″ squares on glossy card using my square punch. Next I took some brightly coloured marvy matchables inkpads and smooshed them over some of the squares so that I had a set of various coloured squares.

Next I painted my sketchbook page black as I wanted the squares to contrast on the backgrounds.

On each square I doodled a letter of the alphabet in black ink and added doodles and highlights using both a black and a white pen. Once I was happy(ish) with how they looked I arranged them onto my sketchbook page and then glued them down at different angles.

Next I took a gold gel pen and added dots around each square so that they all had a dotty frame. I also added dots all around the edge of the sketchbook page to highlight it.

Then I took a white pen and started writing words around the alphabet blocks which began with the letter; ie travel, trust and truth around the letter T and so on. I continued until I felt it was complete.

Finally I filled in all the black spaces on the page with gold swirls until I was happy with how it looked.

Heres the finished scan:


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Exemplar

  1. Trish, the squares just “pop” brilliantly on the black and the colors just go together fabulously with all the artistic doodles. Oh, so clever you are. Enjoyed looking. . .I feel a creation being born (hopefully)!

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