Christmas Gift Wrap Challenge

This is a new challenge idea I have just had for my group Next Generation Stampers.

Its that time of the year where we are all no doubt using lots of festive wrapping paper to wrap our presents up with. I dont know about you, but I always have odds and ends and pieces I cant do anything with. Rather than throw them away I thought it would be a good idea to recycle them and incorporate them into art projects somehow.

Heres what Ive done so far with bits of festive wrapping paper.

For the scan below I took a piece of holly wrapping paper and glued it down on an altered book page, then I applied a very light layer of gesso over the top of it. Once it was dry I smooshed over with various colour dye inks to age it. This is what it looks like at the moment before Ive finished it off:


For the next scan I created a background on card stock by gluing down various scraps of festive wrap until they completely covered the card. I then smooshed over with gesso and then when dry I stained it using dye inkpads. Heres what it looks like at the moment:


Ive just finished my Christmas Themed Altered Book Page spread using the gift wrap. I decided that I wanted the bottom part of the book pages to be dark red so I painted over the brown and then assembled the photos you can see on the page. I added gold swils, frames and highlights to complete the page along with some sparkly ribbon:
I will update this post again when Ive used the background I have created which I have cut into small squares.

Ive finally created some artwork using the background I made from the Christmas paper scraps. I cut the sheet into squares using a punch then I edged each one using a gold marker. Then I added collage images to some of the squares and a brad and to the other squares I added just a shaped brad. I then assembled the squares onto atcs and also onto an altered book page which you can now see below:




7 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Wrap Challenge

  1. yay! what a great mini tutorial – some many fabulous ideas come from you Trish; I love that I can learn so much and have fun just by visiting your blog – wish you lived near me so I could give you a big hug to say THANKS!!!!

  2. I love these pages and the fact that you always explain beautifully what you’ve done makes fascinating reading Trish. You are a delight and the best move I ever made was joining NGS and having a blast with the challenges. 🙂 Thank you!!

  3. WOW, just beautiful and elegant Trish, thanks for the inspiration, I will be saving all the gift wrap from my presents this year…Hugs…LInda Strawn

  4. These are so yummy Trish! I never thought of using all that paper we gleefully shove into big garbage bags and discard. I bet it makes me even do my choosing with an eye to the recycle possibilities.

    I love what you’ve done with the squares too!


  5. What great ideas on the Christmas wrap! The backgrounds for the altered book look great but my favorites have to be the punched squares! So effective! 🙂
    Shirley B.

  6. Oh…these are really lovely! I definitely can see myself doing this type of
    page in my books! Love that you created backgrounds for other art pieces too!
    Thanks for sharing!

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