Looking Back On 2007

Some of my favourite Lennon lyrics sum up how I often feel at this time of the year;

So This Is Christmas,
And What Have You Done?
Another Year Over,
A New One Begun.

I decided to do a blog entry to look back and reflect on 2007 and what has happened during the course of the year.

Last December I was stuck in a kinda artist limbo, I hadnt stamped or made anything what I considered to be creative for a long time. I felt like I had lost my muse and never wanted to stamp or create anything ever again! Infact it was so bad I was even considering selling off all of my rubber stamps!

Then as everyone was talking about making New Years Resolutions for 2007, a thought hit me; why didnt I set myself a very simple resolution for 2007? One that I could probably keep and not break at all. And thats what I did.

My resolution was that I was going to MAKE something within the first week in January – I had no idea what I was going to mak, but that didnt matter because keeping my resolution simply demanded that I make ANYTHING at all!

Making that first bit of artwork after not making anything for a long while was HARD! It was a real challenge and I really did not feel all that inspired at all. I didnt know what to do so I set about painting a background on an artists canvas and proceeded from there. It was the most difficult thing I ever made.

You can see a scan of the said canvas belowif you fancy a nosy:


After I made my first canvas I decided to have a go at making some more stuff, while I found making my first piece of artwork in 2007 a real struggle, I was also encouraged by the challenge and was eager to try something else. Only trouble was I didnt know what else!

So I bought Bernie Berlins ATC Workshop Book and proceeded to work through the book following some of the featured techniques. A lot of the techniques were already known to me but that didnt matter! I used Bernies book as a jump off board to inspire me, I read about the techniques and tried new and different ways to twist the techniques and try out new things. I basically concentrated on PLAYING and didnt worry about the end finished results. So what if I had hundreds of hand made backgrounds which I hadnt yet made into art – it was all research and I enjoyed making them! Besides I can always save those backgrounds and use them at a later date!!

Slowly without me even realising it my muse came back! And it was like she had never been away! I was creating and making art in my sleep again! I was addicted; I was painting backgournds and canvases, making atcs and collages like a woman possessed! And it felt good to be back!

Who knew that I would rediscover my muse again after contemplating giving it all up and selling my rubber!

So if you ever get stuck in a rut and lose your creative muse, my advice is to do what I did – FAKE IT!

Force yourself to make something – ANYTHING at all – it doesnt matter. Look in your magazines or pick up one of your art books and work your way through the projects like I did. Rediscover old techniques and learn them all over again and PLAY! The more you fake it the more you make it!

Fake It, Till You Make It!
– because one day your muse WILL come back and revisit you!

I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and get everything you ever wanted!

A Very Merry Christmas!
And A Happy New Year.
Lets Hope Its A Good One,
Without Any Fear.

Live Long And Prosper


One thought on “Looking Back On 2007

  1. Thank you for your post. It is very encouraging. My muse left home, too. She is reluctant to return after the loss of my DH. She is trying to nudge me into doing art. I will take to heart your post and wish you the best of New Years.

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