Arty Resolutions For 2008

Im following up my earlier blog post with a blog post about Arty Resolutions for 2008.

Now Ive got to think of a brand new resolutions for 2008 – I dont know what it will be yet as I havent decided so I will update you when Ive thought!How about YOU guys?

U P D A T E D !

Heres my update on my new years resolutions for 2008, after much thought I have decided to make 8 resolutions in all for 2008! Its a nice round number and it fits in with the year 2008 too so why not! šŸ˜€

I wasnt sure what resolutions I wanted to have so I decided to make a sketchbook page of all my resolutions. I started off with a blank page with a large picture of a bottle on it and didnt have a clue what I was going to have for my resolutions, so I started doodling onto my sketchbook page, suddenly as I was playing round with the pens, the ideas for resolutions started to come to me naturally and before I knew it I had my resolutions down on paper.

You can see my message in a bottle to myself resolutions page below:


Here is my complete list of resolutions below, I decided to write them out and share them incase any blog visitors fancy having a go at keeping the same resolutions as me!

Read on for details:

2008 Resolutions List:

1. Make Art Everyday – The most important resolution of them all. You should always take time to make and create art. It can be A N Y T H I N G at all, Im not talking about making complete projects from start to finish – just bring a little bit of art into your life every day of the year. Research is essential, so looking through your art books, magazines or websites and galleries all count! Paint backgrounds, cut images, print pictures, glue layers or apply gesso – its all ART and therefore it counts!

2. Learn Something New – This is number 2 on my list because I think its important to challenge yourself and learn new things. For this resolution you must discover or learn a new technique, art or craft form. It can be anything so long as its something you have never done before.

3. Use Your Existing Art Supplies – See how long you can go with this one! Try not to buy anything new unless you really have to. You are permitted to buy glue or adhesives but that is all. Ask yourself do you really NEED that item before purchasing.

4. Draw More – Learn to rely upon your rubber stamps less. Drawing and doodling is more freeform, unique and personal. The more you doodle the easier it is! Its fun!

5. Revisit Crafts – Maybe in your last life before you became a stamper you was addicted to making candles or cross stitch or even knitting? What ever crafts you did in the past; revisit it in 2008. Experiment and see how you can incorporate your skills in that art form using those supplies from that past craft into your modern day art creations and techniques. You may surprise yourself at how youve grown or discover something new that you didnt think of before.

6. Start An Art Journal – Instead of keeping an ordinary diary during 2008, buy a sketchbook and keep a visual art journal to record your life and notes using doodles, colour, text and pictures.

7. De- Clutter – Sort out your stamps and supplies, ask yourself do you really NEED it? Perhaps youve stamps in your collection which you know you will never use again? Your tastes have probably changed a lot. If this is you, now is the time to sort them out and de-clutter – sell them on ebay or on your picture trail gallery or blog and use the monies raised to buy some new! Recycle!

8. Take More Photos – Get into the habit of taking your digital camera out with you wherever you go. Even if its only walking the dog. Take photos of anything that catches your eye, cloud patterns, close ups of plants and flowers, leaves, nature, burning wrecks – anything at all and try and incorporate your photos into your art projects.


2 thoughts on “Arty Resolutions For 2008

  1. Since I took the plunge and joined NGS ( because of you TBH!), I haven’t looked back… it has been so much fun and I have learned loads and ‘met’ some lovely people. You continue to inspire me and I shall take heed of your resolutions – they make a lot of sense and most of them were on my own list!! Do have a lovely Christmas Trish and a splendidly Arty 2008. Hugs, Rosie

  2. I have to agree with Rosie’s comment. Since I have joined the NGS I can’t wait to get home and read the daily digest. I have learned so many things. There are so many things I want to do. Trish you are right on with your resolutions for 2008. I hope that everybody has a great holiday and that you all can find time to create during the holiday season.

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