Christmas Has Come Early!

A while ago I signed up for a 12 Days of Christmas swap, you had to make 12 handmade gifts all the same and send them to the swap hostess (Ms Sweetpea) who along with her elf helpers sorted out everyones gifts so that all swappers would recieve 12 pieces of handmade art in return! I couldnt wait! Infact I ended up signing up for this swap 4 times!!! Which meant I had to make 4 different types of gifts 12 times = 48 handmade gifts in all! We had to have our packages in by the end of November.

Today Christmas arrived EARLY! Because my HUMUNGUS box from Sweetpea arrived containing my 12 Days Of Christmas Swap!! Look at the size of this box in the photo below – Harry is sat on the box to give you an idea of how big it is!!



On the outside of the box was some gorgeous handmade festive slide hangers which Ms Pea had made for each and every swapper! I decided to hang mine on the tree, I took a photo but its not much good because the tree is twinkling like crazy with all the lights and fibreoptics!


Heres a photo of inside the box when I opened it before I pulled out any gifts:


And heres a photo of the pressie pile which Santa Pea and her elves sorted out especially for me!


Now to decide which pressies to open first!!!! Im so excited I cant breathe properly! Heres a pic of me and my fur baby taken just before we opened the box:


6 thoughts on “Christmas Has Come Early!

  1. FANTASTIC TRISH!!! Good to “see” you and Harry again! I can’t tell you how relieved I am that the package not only “made it” – but made it in plenty of time for Christmas . . . . . PHEW!! Love the photos – and like you, can’t wait to get at the gifts!!
    Holiday Cheer to all!

  2. Hey Trish, fantastic photos. Your house is looking very festive. Lucky you with soooo many pressies to open. You’ve earned them though when you’ve made 4 lots of swaps!

  3. Dear Harry,
    I’ve been looking at Trish’s artistic output for quite a while now as I lie on Jane’s foot. Finally good pictures of You! Did you eat at least the paper that the swap gifts were wrapped in? It all looks wonderful, but I was the most glad to see you.
    Best Christmas wishes,
    (St Bernard, southern Illinois, USA)

  4. Hi there, Harry!
    Wow–those gifts sure do look good! Next year, if you have a big box like that, just give us a call and we will teach you the kitty-cat method for opening presents (snicker! snicker!)–we just love Christmas paper cause it makes such crackly noises.
    Hope you had a really Merry Christmas and maybe had a nice, juicy bone.
    Louie and Annie (two Texas kitties)

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