Weighty Issues Sketchbook Page

Heres another sketchbook page I did recently. This page is about body image and how I see myself. A couple of years ago I made a lot of life changes due to health reasons because I was morbidly obese and was constantly getting chest pains. I decided that I had to do something about it and started a healthy eating plan and went on a diet.

As a result I lost half my body weight and these days I feel fitter than I have done in years, but it does have a slight drawback; in my mind Im still that fat person I always was!

I had previously spent most of my life overweight and never knew what it was like to feel ‘normal’ sized and because of this I sometimes have a hard time mentally adjusting.

Especially in situations where there is a small space to fit through when Im out walking – Im convinced I wont fit through that gap! Or there isnt enough room for my fat ass on the bus seat! Or I wont be able to jump over a stream or brook because I’ll topple with all my excess weight and fall in!

Sometimes I catch my reflection in the mirror when Im out and I do a double take as it catches me unawares and I just dont recognise myself for a moment. Its almost as if theres a stranger in the mirror looking back at me.

This sketchbook page is dedicated to these body issues which I have:



2 thoughts on “Weighty Issues Sketchbook Page

  1. Trish love this page as it hit a note with me. I have always been 7 1/2, following children weight just went. THen at 38 I started menopause and my weight is now between 9 1/2 stone and 10 – a big deal for me as I am only 5’3. My husband has recently lost 5 1/2 stone and I feel him looking at me…I know he loves me but the roles are reversed now, he is happy in his body, I am not!Oh Well……..maybe that can be a new year resolution.

  2. Just wanted to say congratulations on your accomplishment! Wow–half your body weight! And you did it for the right reasons–that’s the best part.

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