Background Noise SketchBook Challenge

And now for a brand new challenge for 2008! The all new Background Noise Sketchbook Challenge!

For this challenge you will be creating a gorgeous new sketchbook page for each different handmade background technique!

First of all for this challenge you will need to get hold of a good quality artists sketchbook, watercolour pads or sketchbook pads are both ideal. You want a good sized book, I chose one which is slightly smaller than A4 (standard copier paper size) as I wanted a good sized page to work on. Opt for a book with good thick quality artist paper inside too.

The idea behind this challenge is that by the end of the year you will be the proud owner of a beautiful handmade backgrounds sampler book full of wonderful background samples, instructions and personal notes too!

Background Noise Sketchbook Challenge Details:

Every month I will issue the details about that months background noise technique.

I’ll provide you with a list of supplies you need to create that months chosen background along with step by step directions. In addition I will also provide you with some samples of the backgrounds so that you can see what the backgrounds are supposed to look like!

Once you have read all the details about the background noise technique; you then go away and make LOTS and LOTS of backgrounds using the supplies and instructions supplied.

You are encouraged to PLAY – tweak and warp the instructions to your hearts content – if you dont have a specific art supply product needed for this technique – so what!! Find something else you can use instead!

Experiment and PLAY! Play is a very important part of making art – the more you play the more fun you have and more confident you become in your art journey….

Remember you can never have too many backgrounds! So make as many as you want – tweak the techniques and play around with different colour combos and see what you can come up with!

Dont forget to upload and share your background experiments and creations! You can add them to your blogs or galleries and share the links because its fun and inspiring to look at other peoples experiments!

Once you’ve played around with the background technique you need to make yourself a sketchbook page in your book dedicated to that background technique! How you do that is entirely up to YOU…..but heres a couple of pointers:

Background Noise Sketchbooking Prompts:

On your sketchbook pages affix some of your backgrounds – you can use entire backgound sheets or you can cut your backgrounds up into tags or atcs or even inchies – its up to YOU!

Decorate your sketchbook page with your backgrounds as you want to be able to SEE your backgrounds in their pure format in all their wonderful multicoloured glory!

On your sketchbook pages write or type the instructions for the technique, include supply lists and items needed for the technique along with the step by step instructions.

How you do this is up to you – you can write them free hand or if you dont like your handwriting you can type and print them instead.

Dont forget to add additional notes to your pages –

Did you adapt the techniques in any way?

What colours of inkpads or paints did you use?

What brands?

All this information is important!!

Make a record of it….

Too Many Backgrounds?

Did you make too many backgrounds and they dont all fit on your sketchbook pages?

First of all the golden rule is ……you can never have too many backgrounds!

Put some backgrounds inside an envelope and place the envelope inside your sketchbook to use at a future date – remember to write the name of the technique on the back of the page!

Why not USE some of your brand new backgrounds and make some atcs or cards straight away – theres no time like the present! Make and share your creations! Sharing is important too!

I hope you will play along with this challenge with me because if you do at the end of the year you will have a gorgeous sketchbook book full of wonderful handmade background techniques and samples with instructions too!

That in itself will be a work of art!


5 thoughts on “Background Noise SketchBook Challenge

  1. Yeah!!! I’m so excited to get started. Thanks for encouraging us to play, have fun all while making fantastic art.

  2. I am excited about this challenge. It sounds like fun to me. I am glad I found this group.

  3. Thanks for the links to make backgrounds. It is an excellent idea to save your card in a book and to be able to look back with the full instructions.

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