Shining Stones Sketchbook Page

Heres my sketchbook page for the Background Noise Sketchbook Challenge.

This a new challenge for the Next Generation Group, for this challenge we have to create backgrounds using the technique provided, then make a sketchbook page dedicated to that background.

Heres my 2 pages dedicated to the first challenge, the Shining Stones Technique:



3 thoughts on “Shining Stones Sketchbook Page

  1. Trish – this is fantastic… I am gonna see if I can get me some of them Perfect Pearls and have a go at this. Love how you’ve presented it all in your sketchbook. Woohoo – can’t wait to see what happens when I try this too!! 😀

  2. You prod me to do more of these backgrounds (some have already been ready) and because you are always a source of inspiration I will forward the “you-make-my-day-award” to you (more you will find on my blog).
    I’m curious about the next background challenges.

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