Expressive Junk Journalling

Uh Oh! Do I hear the sounds of another challenge afoot!?

This is a mini challenge is for those of us who are either addicted to sketchbooking or want to start a sketchbook for the first time. All you need to take part in this mini challenge is a sketchbook and some journalling pens and some kind of colour medium.

Sketchbooking is all about self expression, you should never worry about how your sketchbook or journal is going to look because you are doing it for noone else but yourself!

If you want to find out a little more about finding a sketchbook and what pens to use etc then why not check out my earlier challenge for the Starting An Art Journal Challenge featured on my blog. This page should answer some of the many questions you may have on sketchbooking – if it doesnt; leave me a comment on this post and I’ll answer it here!

There is nothing worse than journallers block! Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write or doodle on it – nightmare! So I decided to start a mini challenge to help kick start the journallers muse so that we never get writers block again!

This page is eventually going to be full of journalling prompt ideas, so please keep checking my blog for details and updates for any new journalling prompts I may add.

Expressive Junk Journalling Prompts

January 2nd 2008: This Year I ….. –
Seeing as its the start of a brand new year I thought this theme was appropiate. Think about the year ahead of you, is there something special or important that you know is going to happen to you this year? Do you have an upcoming special occasion? Maybe your going on the trip of a lifetime? Or maybe you have hopes and dreams for how you think this year is going to pan out. Whatever your thoughts on this, create a sketchbook page to express them.

February 20th 2008: A Letter To My Younger Self-
Create a sketchbook page as if you were composing a letter to your younger self. You can send the letter to yourself at any age you wish. Write advice or offer help or anything else that comes to mind. If you could write a letter and have it sent back in time to a younger version of YOU what would you write? What would you say and how old would the younger you be who you are writing to?

April 27th 2008: All That I Am-
What makes you tick? What makes you the person you are? What defines you the most and what do you hold most important in your life?


One thought on “Expressive Junk Journalling

  1. Hi Trish Bee, Just wanted to say Thank you so much for your site and sharing your beautiful art and ideas with us. I so enjoy your blog and techniques and am so inspired everytime I leave it! Got to go make art!! Art filled Hugs to you!

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