Wide Open Body As Art Page

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I got a strange book kit for Christmas called Wide Open, its a book full of ideas and inspirational prompts for journalling and sketchbooking. Ive decided to set myself a personal challenge of working through the prompts one by one and making a page (or two) with the theme suggested.

The first card I pulled out of the stack was about ‘The Body As Art’ – basically you have to think of a way to use your own body to create a journal page somehow – you can do anything you wish so long as your body is involved in some way and featured.

I took the easy way out – or at least I think I took the easy way out! I decided to draw around both my left and my right hand with a marker directly on the pages and then inside my hands I seperated  the hand into different blocks of bright colours. Then I used a black pen to draw lines around those colours to section it off. Then I proceeded to make 2 large Zentangles within the shape of my hands. I finally finished the pages by adding the journalling words and doodles you can see below:




6 thoughts on “Wide Open Body As Art Page

  1. Oh Trish, how awesome and exciting. I am fascinated with the book you describe and how you have chosen to participate in its challenges. Especially the body theme. Would you mind if I follow along and create a journal page or two following your sharing the author’s description? Just checking the ethics and legalities. I might put it on my blog which is almost finished. Thanks, LinLin

  2. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying browsing through it. Love your journal pages. I also had an Aunt Maud BTW. Art journalling has certainly taken off in a big way and I suppose its addictive once you start.

  3. my first comment but I’ve long admired your creativity Trish and thought it’s time to tell you so. I especially love your curliques and written messages and your wonderful artistic approach for your visual journal and artworks. Colour too. Your ‘hands’ are wonderful; you sure have it happening. Well done!

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