Wall Canvas Project

This is another project Im currently working on at the moment, a HUUUGE artists wall canvas! Its at the very start of its altered journey at the moment, I dont know when it will be finished – when it ‘feels’ finished I guess!

Heres stage 1 of the canvas, I painted it with various colours of red acrylic paints and then glued over assorted papers which I liked over the top and added a stencil of a Celtic motif:


It felt too polished and perfect at this stage so I decided to grunge the whole thing up with white gesso! It looks an absolute mess now! Which is perfect because it means I can now add some more colour and interest to it, see below:


I’ll add another photo when Ive done something else to this baby!

Update: This morning I took a babywipe and wiped off some of the gesso and distressed it even further! I was actually able to remove some of the gesso using the babywipe too which created a strange blended effect. I will be updating with a new photo when Ive added some more colour and bits to the canvas.

Second Update: I decided to add some more paint to the canvas, I feeling in a bit of a Red and Black paint mood at the moment so they both came out:) I paid particular attention to the gesso-ed areas of the canvas and added paint to those. Its hard to explain how I did it – basically splodging the paint on and moving it around with a credit card till it felt right.

One interesting thing for me was how the patterned papers now look as if they are a part of the background rather than paper stuck on top. Theyve dissapeared under the layers of paint but they are still visible too – an interesting effect which I like and will do more of in future!

Its nowhere near finished yet as I want to add more to this, but I will update as I continue to work on this, heres the latest photo:


Its starting to feel finished, though its not 100% finished yet! Im going to sit with this canvas for a little while so I can see what it needs next.

For my next stages I outlined the celtic symbol with a gold line and I also added a row of tiny gold scratches to the right hand side of the canvas where the black border is.

I took a coupla pictures but they arent very good – I have shaky hands!



3 thoughts on “Wall Canvas Project

  1. Hey Trish, How fun to watch your work in progress, well, more like fun in progress. I am not sure but it seems this last image is a little blurry. Could be me, my eyes. But really interested in what you are doing here-so, don’t want to miss anything. I love red! LinLin

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