Love Is….Sketchbook Page

Here are 2 sketchbook pages which I created for a New Years Resolution Swap I signed up for. The idea is to make something for your partner to represent your new years resolutions.

I decided to do a sketchbook page for this swap as one of my resolutions is to do more journalling in 2008 and another of my resolutions is to learn something new.

The new part of my resolution being the main blue image of the girl on the sketchbook pages below; she was a stencil design which I created from scratch.

To do this I printed off a black and white image of her face using the computer and printer and then I took a pen and drew around her face to make it look more blocky and stencil like. Once I got the look I was aiming for I transfered the design onto thick card and cut her out using a craft knife – this hurt! I suffer with my hands and I paid for this for days after – argh! But it was worth it and I like to think I suffer for my art 🙂  A cliche I know!

Once I had the stencil I sprayed the design onto card onto a background of various colourwash sprays, you can see the very first steps of this sketchbook page on the link here: 

I then decided the images and designs werent strong enough, so I drew in the swirls using a dark purple marker and then stencilled the girls face again this time using acrylic paint to get a stronger image.

Doodles and dots and spots where added to the page, I decided to go for a LOVE IS theme on this page and started writing the titles to some of my favourite love songs – Love Me Do, Ps I Love You, Love is Love etc. I also added some little white hearts all over the pages too. Basically I just kept doodling till the page felt finished.

I did two of these because I wanted one for my swap partner and I also wanted to keep one for myself – Im an art pig 😀

Heres the scans of the finished pages below:




6 thoughts on “Love Is….Sketchbook Page

  1. definitely artistic! Your right we should put ourselves into our New Years resolution. I love to stamp and scrap everyday.; it seems to be an addiction I can’t shake! But it is great theophy for myself.

  2. Send directly to me and I will “cover” for you in the swap. Love the retro look – long live Jim Morrison!

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