Quarter Marker Stencils!

One of my favourite shops to visit is called Robinsons, its an Equestrian store which sells all things for the horse and rider. I particulary like it because it sells a good range of weatherproof clothes and boots – something I wear a lot of with all the long dog walks I go out on! England is notoriously wet, and believe me if your outside walking your dog in all weathers you know the difference between ‘showerproof’ clothes and ‘waterproof’!

Anyways today just before we were hit with a torrential hail storm we were paying a visit to Robinsons and as we were going to pay at the till I came across a stash of ‘Horse Quarter Markers’ – these are very large plastic stencils which are used to place on the horses bum and you brush the fur the wrong way to make the quarter marker pattern visible on their coat. They come in assorted patterns, my favourites being the Harlequins and Checked patterns, they are dirt cheap £1.50 each – approx $3. And boy are they HUUUGE! Perfect for large art canvases and so on. I bought a pack of 5 different patterns for only £5! Bargain!

If you have an equestrian store near you I suggest you go have a look and pick some up too! They will make FAB backgrounds 🙂

Heres a coupla links to places which sells them online so you know what to look for – or you could google for ‘equestrain quarter markers’ – or check out ebay!



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