Deco Book Swap

We are having a deco book round robin swap over on our group Next Generation Stampers.

The idea is to make or buy a little book no bigger than 4×5″ in size and mail it on to the players on the sign up list.

I found a little coiled book in my stash, Ive had it a while and it is only approx 3.5″ square – perfect! Of course me being me I couldnt just mail my book on – I had to decorate the cover and some of the pages inside first!

Heres some photos of the book pages and cover I did for the deco swap:

Front cover – the embellishment on the front is one of my ‘Little Beauties’ created for the Instant Art swap on CCSWAPS:


First Page – Self explanitory!


Sign In Pages:


Second to last page – this is our groups Mantra!


I did another page on the back with my mailing address on it but Im not putting it on my blog cos I dont really want to put my address on the net!


4 thoughts on “Deco Book Swap

  1. Well, if I hadn’t already decided to join, this would have done it.

    This book is very ‘you’ and I love it!


  2. Trish – great new look blog – love it!! You have to be the Queen of doodle-art… so much expression!! I love your deco-book and at some point this year I must join a swap. At least I’m making art every day now and for that I have you to thank. xoxoxo

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