Leaf Themed Little Beauties

Heres some more Leaf themed art work for another swap Ive signed up for on our swap group hosted by Ms Adrienne.

For this swap we had to create some little works of art which will be used by our swap partners to make into instant cards or atcs or whatever they want to make them into! The concept behind this swap is to have some ready made ‘instant art’ for when your in a hurry to pull out and use! A real bonus if you need a last minute card or have a swap due the next day!

Well its no secret Im a HUGE nature and leaves lover!! So I think I MIGHT have gone a little overboard because I only needed 30 Little Beauties (I signed up for the swap 3 times) and I think Ive got more than enough as you can see from the scans below!! I made 120 in all!

Heres all my little beauties – these are thumbnails so if you want to see them full size you’ll need to click on the thumbnails below:



Now to get them packed up and mailed to my swap partners!


9 thoughts on “Leaf Themed Little Beauties

  1. Wow Trish, when you get going on leaves, you’re unstoppable. What great little beauties. Thanks so much for the inspration.


  2. These are so lovely! You obviously like leaves – I can imagine them all stretched in a line like a border – wonderful!

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