My Favourite Smells

Being deaf I think I am more in tune with my other senses, my sense of smell for instant is very sensitive and I find that I am always sniffing things and must admit I drive myself nuts sometimes 🙂

So I decided to make an ongoing list of my favourite smells in no particular order – I’ll make additions to my list as I remember by favourite scents!

My Favourite Smells:

  1. My Dog Harry – she has a gorgeous musky scent which I wish I could bottle!
  2. Art Work – I love that handmade smell that you get from handmade cards, atcs, backgrounds, collages and anything handmade.
  3. Acrylic Paint – I love the smell of paint, if I could I would wear it as a perfume!
  4. Warburtons Teacakes – those lovely juicy currant buns have a gorgeous edible scent
  5. Spring – Theres a certain smell in the air when Spring comes, its the scent of fresh leaves, grasses and flowers growing after a long winters slumber.

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