Hair Mousse Backgrounds

Its that time about for another Background Noise Challenge! This is background #6 in the series and its a lotta messy fun 🙂

You’ve probably heard of the shaving cream backgrounds? This is similar only instead of shaving cream we use Hair Mousse! The reason for hair mousse is because it holds the shape and texture for slightly longer, read on for details….

You Need:

  • Hair Mousse – any cheap variety (if you dont have it use shaving cream)
  • Quarter Size Matt Card Stock
  • Plastic Tray – I recycle food trays from stir fry vegetables
  • Posh Impressions Rainbow Inks -or- Dye Based Re-inkers -or- Watercolour Inks
  • Skewer or wood stick
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface (very messy)


1. Lay newspaper over your work surface, and set out the supplies you need on the paper so that you have them all quickly to hand as you need to work quick with this technique, see photo below:


2. Into the plastic tray squirt a layer of hair mousse so that it completely fills the tray as per the picture below:


3. Drop various colours of rainbow inks or dye reinkers into the hair mousse randomely like so (note – you dont need a lot of ink for this – I just like to go overboard with colour!):


4. Using the  skewer, draw lines into the mousse to mix the colours of the inks together a bit more:


5. Place card stock directly into the hair mousse mix and leave for a couple of seconds to allow the inks to soak through the card:


6. Quickly remove the card,at this point your background will look a bit of a mess, see below:


7. Place your card onto the newspaper, using the skewer, scrape it across the card – this action will both move remove the excess hair mousse and also allow the ink colours to blend together better:


8. Set aside to dry and continue making more backgrounds with the hair mousse, replenishing the inks if needed until the hair mousse has all gone.


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