La Vie En Rose

lavieenrose.jpgYesterday we watched La Vie En Rose which is the latest movie out on DVD about Edith Piafs life story.

A brilliant movie – nice and long but sadly a lot of the facts where left out of the movie – I suppose theres only so much you can fit into a 2 and half hour movie! But on the whole it was a fascinating film to watch.

Edith was only 47 when she died and yet she looked like a frail old lady of 80!

She led a fascinating life, in many aspects it reminded me a lot of Frida Kahlos life story.

Its a real pity the film didnt reflect more on the war years where Edith was involved in freeing french prisoners from the Nazis. Nor did it focus on her lesbian love affairs with icons such as Marlene Dietrich – but then I guess it would have been a whole new movie!

I cant help but think we need to see an entire serialisation about her life story rather than just one short movie!

Compelling viewing.


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