CCSwaps Challenge Art

Original Post Date: 10th March 2008

I signed up for a Double Deuce Dare swap on our swap group CCSWAPS, the swap is hosted by Ms Pea and is limited to 10 sign ups. Each person is mailed a package a art goodies which they are challenged to use for a swap item for their partner.

In our packages there was some gorgeous printed images from Paper Whimsy, a slide mailer, some grunge board, some charms and other little bits and pieces. The challenge is that we have to use half of the goodies we recieve for our swap partner!

I decided rather than go down the conventional altered slide mailer route that instead I wanted to make my slide mailer into a wall hanger! So I cut it up with a craft knife and used my craft drill to make tiny little holes for hanging wire to be attached.

Heres a scan below of the very first stage in this challenge before I have done anything special to it. I have painted it and added the hanging wire as you can see below, for the next step I need to add some collage bits.

I’ll update this post when its complete:


Latest Update On 25th March 2008:

Ive been ill now for almost 2 weeks with a bad dose of the flu and ear infection and not managed to complete this project which I started on the 10th March! Its now the 25th and Ive finally started to feel a bit better and actually  pcomplete this project!

You can see the finished wall hanger below, the items used in it were from the dare swap which I HAD to use as part of the challenge 🙂

I coloured the swirl grunge board which you can see in the left slide mailer recess with gold krylon pen – because of the nature of the grunge board I noticed that the krylon just soaked in and I was left with a greeny gold patina sheen which I liked! I added tiny beads from my own stash in both slide mailer sections and used diamond glaze to seal them and give it a nice glossy glaze which I was after.



9 thoughts on “CCSwaps Challenge Art

  1. I’m with Rosie, I really like what you did with the slide mailer AND with the grunge board. It’s so good to see you back in action.

  2. Dear Trish, this is beautiful–well done! So glad to see you are back in action–you’ve been missed. Hugs, Autumn

  3. Happy belated Birthday to you. Just wondering about something tho: I also have a Bind It All but I bind last in the process, not first. Why do you bind first thing? I am afraid to try to take apart what I bind, have you?

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