My 40th Birthday!

Yesterday was my 40th birthday! Im now officially an old bugger and well and truly over the hill!

One of my birthday treats was a Bind It All machine. I dont know HOW I ever managed without it! This machine is so flipping easy to use! I can really see myself becoming addicted to making books and journals with it!


Seeing as I havent managed to make any art yet due to recovering from my recent illness I thought Id do a blog post all about my day πŸ˜€

Want to see a picture of my birthday cake?? No probably not! But Im going to upload one anyway! Theres not much left now – just the Rose part which I have saved for last πŸ™‚


I found something strange and hairy lurking in the bottom of my Bind It All Box:


Harry got a bit jealous as she couldnt fit inside the box!!


All the cake and chocolate mustve gone straight to my head because it unleashed a Bind It All Demon as you can see below:


I was a woman possessed and ended up making 12 books!! I used anything I could get my hands on – chipboard coasters, tags, diecuts, library pockets and envelopes to make books with. I havent yet used Cds as Im a coward and convinced they wont work!


Now to decorate them all! I cant wait! Watch this space!


9 thoughts on “My 40th Birthday!

  1. Thanks Trish for sharing your B-day with us!! I love the CRAZY DEMON LADY photo the best (okay, perhaps second to that GORGEOUS CAKE!)
    Glad your day was PERFECT and the books look FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Happy Birthday! Great post, lovely cake and welcome to the bind it all madness club. Nothing is safe now.

  3. Deco books, art journals, mini scrapbooks, special recipes, extravagant cards, are a few ideas. I’ve also bound plastic holders to use to store ATC’s and embellshments. I’m sure you’ll come up with more great ideas to inspire us with. Glad your birthday present gave you an art activity.

  4. Darn…I just left a comment, but realized I posted it to the wrong place on your blog!!! Anyway…here it is again…
    Not only are you the ‘Background Queen’…it looks like you may be the ‘Bind-it-all Queen’ too!!! That cake looks so yummy!!!

  5. Gosh, I’m sorry, I commented on the wrong post. So, I will post again what I posted the first time in the wrong place:

    Happy belated Birthday to you. Just wondering about something tho: I also have a Bind It All but I bind last in the process, not first. Why do you bind first thing? I am afraid to try to take apart what I bind, have you?

  6. Happy Birthday Trish!! I love that pic of you in ‘demon’ mode! LOL!
    The books look great and I’m so wanting to buy a BIA now!!
    Oh and you’re not over the hill till you catch ME up!! Haha! πŸ˜‰

  7. What a wonderful birthday you had! Thanks for sharing with us and I can hardly wait to see all the other great and creative things you create from that birthday box!

  8. Also a happy birthday from Germany! Great that you let us take part of your presents. The cake is beautiful and I’m perplexed how much different and nice books you have already made.

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