Creamed Crackered

Im knackered!

Today we took our Russell for a walk from Hindley to Haigh Hall in Wigan!

We didnt mean to walk to Haigh Hall, we had all intentions of going to Hindley for the day to have a look around the shops and see what is there. While on the bus we went past Amberswood which is just outside Hindley and decided to get off the bus for a nosy with all intentions of walking up into Hindley later on.

Then we discovered this long cycle path which looked very alluring and tempting! We didnt have our maps with us and didnt know where it went but decided to follow it anyway and see where it leads to..

It was quite a long path which seemed to go on for ages, we came across a large Morrisons Superstore along the way which was handy to pop into to get some refreshments – turns out the supermarket is in Ince.

We carried on walking till we came to the canal and saw the sign pointing one way to Top Locks and another way to Haigh Hall! We’ve been to Haigh Hall a few times and Harry loves it there so we decided what the hell and started walking in that direction….

It didnt take long to get there and when we did finally get there we decided to walk all around the plantations and gardens in Haigh! We must be mad! We had a nice welcome cup of tea at the cafe there and then decided to go home as we’d been out for hours.

Harry enjoyed it so thats all that matters and the weather was passable – just one brief shower – could this mean that spring is finally here?

We got good use out of the new bus pass thats for sure! 🙂


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